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Hello, I am Swati.

www.kidsdrawingeasy.com is a website made for kids. Here you can see various types of drawings like save water, save earth, the moon in the bulb, natural scenery, tree water,fish, ship, village, uttarayan,etc. various cartoons like minions, doraemon, pikachu,etc.some of the drawings are very easy to draw for kids and they will also enjoy drawing.

The main purpose of this website is to promote drawing. Small chidren like to make drawing and colour them. For that also we are going to post colourless drawing in which children can colour. A new drawing will be upload weekly or monthly. Kids of this generation are able to do everything what they need is support, guidance and interest. In this generation kids are very active they like to do everything and kids have more remembering capacity then adults. There are various types of drawings like madhubani, calligraphy,design in circle,design in triangle,etc. If you like doing drawing then i am there to give you ideas about what to draw.

Now i tell you my points of view about drawing.

1. For doing drawing it's not necessary that you should be good or best in making drawing. Be confident.

2. The best thing in drawing is start making drawings,at first if your drawing is not too good then don't leave doing drawing, think that you will do better in next one.

3. Drawing is a thing in which if you take interest you will be best but if you don't take interest then you will never like drawing and you will do it as a task or work.

4. In drawing, doesn't matter what you draw because every drawing has same importance.

5. The last and final thing is stary drawing don't leave drawing.

Now i tell you about my stating.

   I started drawing not 6-7 years ago I started before 3 years. My first drawing was sunset drawing.It was the first drawing I made myself with my own idea, before I made that, I didn't know that how it will look it will be good or not. But after I complete that I feel that I like doing drawing and I can continue it. After that i made many drawings which my friends and family members like to see. My parents played main role in supporting me for drawing. My parents never denied or scold me for doing drawing, they always support me for drawing. When I draw before the day of exam my parents ask me only one thing that I have learned everything for exams or not, when i say no then also my parents didn't force me to keep that drawing aside, they tell that complete this and then do study. At first I make only natural scenery drawings but then I slowly slowly started watching other drawings and learn about them then I make calligraphy,illusion drawings,cartoons,etc. The best thing i get was support from parents.
   I started from 1 drawing and now I am having that much drawings that I can show you now. I like making drawings and I am also progressing in it. I also didn't think that after that drawing I will make these much drawings. Everything starts with 1 and then infinity. My interest change my life because I never thought that I will make these much drawings,then I will make website. Nothing was pre-planned. It was just my interest in drawing. Drawing is my life. Whenever I don't make any drawing for 3-4 weeks I feel that from 3-4 months I didn't do drawing. Drawing is a part of life in which we draw our ideas,imagination,thinking,choices,feelings on a paper.drawing is all about thinking. I think that I should continue drawing and now you all can see where I am. Drawing is a subject of interest, if you take interest, you can make anything, no one can stop you.My friends and family like my drawing because i make drawings by heart. When I make any drawing my full concentration is in drawing . Drawing can change life. Artist also born like us they didn't born with all skills the reason behind their success is interest and hard work.

Thank you very much for coming here. If you like or get any inspiration then comment your views about drawing.     

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